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Snail Origin:
Intentionally introduced from France as a gourmet food, this snail was “planted” in vineyards in Central California and other areas. It found the climate to its liking without natural predators it has become a common lawn pest,and spread rapidly along the West Coast into Canada, east to the East Coast and south into Florida, where it is occasionally found but has not established itself yet.

Eggs are placed into shallow depressions by the adult snail, which creates the pit using its foot, placing an average of around 85 eggs. Damp soil conditions are required for this, and there may be 5 batches of eggs from each snail in one year. These are nocturnal animals, and damp weather or wet conditions greatly increase their activity and feeding. During dry conditions they will attach to a surface and seal their shell opening with a mucus layer. They feed on virtually all kinds of foliage, fruits and vegetables, and the bark of trees.

Pest Identification:
The shell of this snail is grayish yellow and brown, with darker bands running lengthwise with the coils of the shell. Mature snails may be as large as an inch or more in diameter. When the snail extrudes from its shell the body is light to dark gray, and may extend as long as 2.5 inches, with long tentacles at the front which provide the ability to sense light and dark as well as chemical smells. Evidence of the presence of the snail also includes the wide, shiny paths left by their slime as they move along.

Pest Control:
Control of debris that provides hiding places, along with elimination of unnecessary surface watering, will reduce the ability of the snails to breed quickly and to feed. The use of copper strips around sensitive plantings will inhibit their ability to cross into the area. Hand removal of snails is highly effective but very time consuming, and they hide well in the daytime. Due to their love of garden plants, organic pest control is often preferred; poisons are, however, highly effective, including paste and granule formulations of metaldehyde as well as granular iron phosphate, which is much less toxic to pets which may consume the bait.

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