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Eliminating pest bird problems can be complicated and frustrating.
Successful bird control requires experience and expertise; Vanish Pest Control has both.Offering a wide range of products and services, we can solve your bird problems permanently... and humanely.

Why Control Pest Birds?
Birds are wonderful creatures. But they sometimes become serious pests. While pigeons are the most common bird considered a pest due to the fact that they deface buildings and grounds with their droppings which cause millions of dollars in damage, birds as beautiful as swallows can become pests. Pigeons and other pest birds contaminate food in warehouses and food plants. Bird nests and droppings can damage equipment, signs, street lights, electrical utilities, and can cause hazardous working conditions. In large flocks, birds can be noisy, dirty and even dangerous. Some carry diseases and parasites that can affect people such as Salmonella, Histoplasmisis and Meningitis.

There are various methods for pigeon control and the control of all Pest Birds which can be utilized for your unique bird problem such as exclusionary, baiting, trapping and scaring methods.

Ledge Protection (Exclusionary)
The number one bird problem on buildings is birds roosting and nesting on building ledges. Their droppings deface and damage buildings, and fall on people below. To keep birds off ledges, we use the latest equipment and devices such as points, coils, pin and wire, sticky repellents, and electric shock repellers. We also custom design systems.
Netting (Exclusionary)
Properly installed netting excludes birds from building faces, courtyards, parking garages, warehouse ceilings, outdoor signs, roof overhangs, loading docks, and any enclosed or partially enclosed area. Netting is long-lasting and often blends into the background to become nearly invisible.
Dispersal (Scare)
Bird flocks can sometime be dispersed from an area by proper use of sonic devices, scare balloons, mobiles, tapes, chemical repellents, chemical frightening agents, or nest destruction.
Removal (Trapping)
In some instances, bird and pigeon removal by trapping is often the most humane way to control pest birds.

All Our Services Are Humane and Discrete
Special Services
We install specialty systems and devices to protect small sites, vents, AC units, exterior lights, etc. No job too large or too small.
Roost Cleaning
Bird droppings and debris are unsightly and may pose health risks. We can remove them, then clean and sanitize the area.
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