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"Sign up today for auto-pay save time and stamps.  No more regular bills to mail,  just fill out the Auto-payment form and we will do all the work.

Once your service has been completed, we will automatically deduct your pest control service charge from your credit card or debit bank card.  It's that simple.


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Vanish Integrative Pest Control is authorized to initiate, at such times as the amounts become due, debit entries against the credit card account listed above for regularly scheduled services performed by Vanish Integrative Pest Control I (we) authorize the credit card company to accept and debit entries initiated by Vanish Integrative Pest Control to be debited from the account. I (we) have the right to cancel this automatic payment authorization by submitting to Vanish Integrative Pest Control written notice 30 days in advance of the intended termination of this authorization; however, this authorization will remain in effect until Vanish Integrative Pest Control has received that written notification of termination. I understand that it is my responsibility to copy or notify the credit card company that this authorization is being cancelled. Cancellation of the automatic payment authorization does not cancel the pest control service agreement or my responsibilities there under.

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