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Pharoah Ants Print E-mail
Pharaoh Ants are very small ants about 1/16 to 1/12 inch (1.5 to 2 mm) in length. Yellow to reddish brown coloration.

Feeding Habits
These ants have been observed feeding on such sweets as sugar syrups, fruit juices, jellies, cakes and fruit pies, as well as greases. Although this ant feeds on sweets, it is believed by some to prefer fatty foods.

Key Inspection Tips
In temperate climates, such as most of the United States, the Pharaoh ant does not survive outdoors year round where cold temperatures occur. It is therefore found most often in close association with heated buildings. It can survive outside only in the subtropical areas of the country such as Florida and Hawaii. In buildings, nests are usually first located in warm, moist areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms in a home or apartment. Outside these ants are most often found near heating pipes and drains. As infestations become more severe, ants will be found in other, but less preferred, areas of a building. Newly formed colonies generally remain in contact with their parent colony.

It is very important that a positive identification be made that Pharaoh ants are the infesting species. Oftentimes, it is assumed that Pharaoh ants are involved but another species is present. Additionally, incorrectly identifying a Pharaoh ant as another species followed by application of residual insecticides creates a more widespread and difficult-to-control Pharaoh ant infestation. Due to the cryptic nesting habits of this ant, finding even one nest site can be a time-consuming task. The goal of an inspection is to locate as many foraging trails as possible in order to determine where baits should be placed. One technique which is often used to determine where Pharaoh ants are active is through the use of non-toxic food baits to attract workers. After positive identification is made that a Pharaoh ant infestation is present, food baits are placed in areas where ants would most likely be found. These baits are poisonous as Pharoah ants will not respond to a simple ant repellent. Areas to focus on include window sills, in kitchen cabinets, in bathroom vanities, along baseboards, next to fish aquariums, on kitchen and bathroom counters, in medicine cabinets, behind a refrigerator or stove and inside the electric outlet boxes in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room. The stove and oven provide grease and food particles as a readily exploited food sources.

Contributing Conditions
The main factor in the success of Pharaoh ant control is to eliminate as much potential food and water as possible on which ants could feed. Good sanitation forces the foraging workers to be more receptive to ant bait.

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