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Silverfish3/8-1/2" (9-13 cm). Silverfish are small, with tapering, carrot-shaped bodies; they are silver-gray and coated with scales. Threadlike antennae and 3 tail filaments, all shorter than body. Small black eyes.

Life Cycle
Oval white eggs are dropped in a few places week after week. Eggs hatch in 2-8 weeks. Nymphs, 1/8-1/4" (4-5 mm), have the same body form as adults. In the South full size is attained in about 2 years, longer in the North. Complete Silverfish extermination requires a trained professional.

Indoors in warm, dry or damp places, including closets, bookcases, behind baseboards, in partitions, or in bathtubs.

Worldwide in temperate climates.

Dried cereals, flour, glue, and starch, including stiffeners used in clothing and bound books, and coated papers used in magazines

Interesting Facts
This insect has a scaly covering that helps it to escape from the grip of ants and spiders. Silverfish can survive without food for months; this hardiness is a good reason to hire a pest control company rather than simply try to do your own extermination.

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