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Oriental Cockroaches Print E-mail

oriental cockroaches
Also know as the Water Bug, or Water Beetle. Oriental Cockroaches live in dark, damp places like water control boxes, outdoor drains, basements, and damp areas under or around houses.

Oriental cockroaches forage at night in search of food and sometimes migrate into buildings. They prefer cooler temperatures than the other species do, and they often form large populations in masonry enclosures, such as water boxes. They usually remain on the ground floor of a structure. Oriental cockroaches can not fly and are unable to climb smooth vertical surfaces; this is why they are so commonly found in porcelain tubs and sinks.

The female deposits dark red-brown egg cases, which are about 3/8 inch long, into debris and food located in sheltered places. Each female and her offspring can produce nearly 200 cockroaches in one year. It can take up to 1 to 2 years or more for a nymph to become an adult. While many people attempt "do it yourself pest control" with cockroaches, they can be very difficult to exterminate without professional help.

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