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Brownbanded Cockroaches Print E-mail

brownbanded cockroaches
Brownbanded Cockroaches are not as common as the German Cockroach in California. They seek out areas that are very warm most of the time, preferring temperatures of about 80°. They are often found near electrical components of appliances such as radios, televisions, and refrigerators.

Brownbanded Cockroaches prefer starchy foods (like glue on stamps and envelopes). They are often found in offices and other places where paper is stored. The adult males sometimes fly when disturbed, but females do not fly. Each egg case is about ¼ inch long, and is light brown in color. The female glues her egg cases to ceilings, beneath furniture, or in closets or other dark places where eggs incubate for several weeks before hatching.

Each female and her offspring can produce over 600 cockroaches in a single year. While many people attempt do it yourself pest control with cockroaches, they can be very difficult to exterminate without professional help.

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