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Introduction to Cockroaches Print E-mail

There are five species of cockroaches in California that can become pests: German Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach, American Cockroach, Brownbanded Cockroach, and the Smokybrown Cockroach. The German and Brownbanded Cockroaches inhabit buildings. Whereas, the Oriental, Smokybrown, and American cockroaches usually live outdoors and only occasionally invade structures.

All Cockroaches are nocturnal by nature. They hide in dark, warm areas, especially narrow spaces where surfaces touch them on both sided. Adult German cockroaches can hide in a crack 1/16 inch or 1.6 mm wide. Nymphs (immature cockroaches) tend to stay in smaller cracks where they are well protected. Cockroaches tend to gather together in corners and generally travel along edges of walls or other surfaces.

Cockroaches may transmit bacteria that cause food poisoning. The German cockroaches are believed to be capable of transmitting disease-causing organisms such as Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, hepatitis virus, and coliform bacteria. Some people are sensitive to the allergens produced by these cockroaches. While many people attempt do it yourself pest control with cockroaches they can be very difficult to eliminate without professional help.

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