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SmokyBrown Cockroaches Print E-mail

smoky brown cockroaches The Smokybrown cockroach is usually found near woodpiles, garages, water meter boxes and in or around decorative planter boxes. They prefer to be in upper parts of structures, usually live in the attic or under shingles or siding of the structure.

The nymphs are dark brown in color and have white segments at the end of their antennae and across their backs. The female carry a dark brown to black egg case, which is about 3/8 inch long, for about one day. The eggs can hatch about 24 days after being laid or as long as 70 days after laying, depending on temperature. There are 40-45 nymphs that hatch from a single egg case.

While many people attempt to kill cockroaches themselves, cockroaches can be very difficult to exterminate without professional help.

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