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False Scorpions Print E-mail
False Scorpion Origin:
Around 200 species of these beneficial arachnids occur as natives in North America.

The false scorpions are tiny animals that feed on other arthropods, primarily insects such as springtails, or on mites. They often are found under leaf litter, livestock manure, rocks, in the moss on tree trunks, under loose bark of logs, or even as hitchhikers on large beetles, where they feed on parasitic mites on these other animals. Unlike typical scorpions, these do not sting. They have their palps modified as claws for grasping, but they are completely harmless, possessing no venom and no stinging apparatus. Once the female is fertilized by a male she creates a sac for her eggs, and this sac attaches to her abdomen. When the eggs hatch the tiny nymphs remain in the sac feeding on a secretion from the mother for the first week or so.

Bug Identification:
False scorpions are very small, with the largest species rarely even a half inch long, and most under ¼ inch in length. They are very dark brown to black, with the abdomen closely joined to the cephalothorax and rounded at the posterior end. There is no stinger, but there is a pair of well developed claws at the front end. These are not typically household insects, preferring the outdoors.

Natural Pest Control:
There is no need for professional extermination of these beneficial arthropods. If they are found indoors they were likely transported in within firewood or other materials, and can be eliminated by vacuuming. Prevention relies on keeping materials that harbor them outside. That being said, if you are concerned about any pests in your home, please call Vanish Pest Control to do a thorough investigation of your property so we may help you keep your home safe from household pests.

When you're ready for professional pest control, call Vanish Pest Control for pest control Central Valley and throughout the Bay Area; we provide complete pest control services.

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