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Roof Rats Print E-mail
Roof rats are slightly smaller than the Norway Rats and are sometimes called the black rats.

Roof rats are very agile climbers and usually live and nest above ground in shrubs, trees and dense vegetation. When they invade structures, they are most often found in the attics, walls, false ceilings and cabinets.

The Roof rat also eats a wide variety of foods, but mostly prefers to eat fruits, nuts, berries, slugs and snails. Roof rats enjoy eating avocadoes and fresh fruit still on the trees. When scavenging for food and water, the roof rat routinely travels to up 300 feet.

Roof rats have an excellent sense of balance and use their long tails for balance while traveling along utility lines. They move much faster than the Norway rat and are very agile climbers, which helps them quickly escape predators.

The roof rat has about three to five litters each year, having five to eight offspring per litter. Due to their fast proliferate ability complete rat extermination is best handled by a professional pest control company.

Call Vanish Pest Control to arrange for one of our Bay Area pest control experts to come help you with your rodent control.

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